Amplified Space, Melbourne, Australia

The main objective of this proposal was to create an adaptable, multipurpose and interactive space in which architectural students are in connection with other art students and faculty members.

The main space of this design is a multipurpose platform in which students and artist are able to exhibit their works in. Indeed, the platform provides an opportunity for lectures and group discussions to take place in transformative glass box isolated from public space noise interruptions.

Scenario 01 – Multi-Purpose and transformable platforms

Panel display option creates flexibility of having full height panels to pin up student’s submission boards at Mid-review or end of semester show.

Scenario 02 – Connection and networking of people

Physical Model display or small gathering option creates durability of having multi-functional spaces in MSD events.

Scenario 03 – Interactive open space

Enclosed glass space provides the opportunity of having seminar or formal gatherings in Atrium. Clear glass from outside and mirror from inside, would help to visualize the activities inside the box. The active ring of corridors and stair locations make all connective layouts active public spaces for students and tutors to encounter, discuss and interact during their presence in the space.