Wining Entry at MoMA PS1, Expo1

Flood Energy, New York

Hurricane Sandy was a large scale disaster that took place in October 29th, 2012. It caused huge damages to locals businesses and residents. The media mentions the frequency of such a disaster is about 50 years.

Lot of people experienced hard times because of loss of their homes or damages that their loved ones had experienced.

This proposal tries to understand, first, the scale of energy and power that Hurricane Sandy had, and then, the possible solutions to use this natural energy to save shore line residents and produce electricity for national grid using active and innovative public urban spaces.

This project has used the flood energy to lift the urban blocks and let the flooding water go beneath, through the turbines and generators, to produce the electricity.

Indeed, it proposes new canals to guide flood water from two sides of Rockaway and to make them meet each other in a certain point. Then the clash point goes under the water but the flood power controls the counterpart and discharges to the ocean. Residents will be able to witness all the happenings on raised and safe public urban platforms.

New urban blocks are developed based on growth of Rockaway and new forms have been introduced.

This design has been submitted to MoMA PS1’s Expo 1: New York, Rockaways Call for Ideas competition on March 2013 and it has been selected as a winning entry on April 2013.