King Square, Fremantle, Australia

Project Team:

Designer: Tashalab LLC

Australian Architect: Urban Design Architects

New York Architect: Chelsea Atelier Architects

Structure Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti, New York Office


The design process in this project looked at removal of all existing buildings that were attached to Town Hall within the square. The main intention in design period was to create an outstanding and imaginative building, which suites to urban character, satisfies the requested programs and is adaptable to functions in King Square.

Analysis of existing conditions on King Square inspired us that there is a huge potential on site to explore the urban values and propose a new urban space. Pedestrian accessibility and connection points to roads and streets (as urban elements) are shown in this diagram. Being environmentally and socially friendly, is one of the key factors in the process of forming concept in this project. This study, started to look at the application in the worst case scenario, whereas all of the lot is occupied by a new solid building.

The final result in this proposal is an urban realm that embeds the indoor spaces. There are clear visual and functional establishments that all are connected to each other. This provides perfect opportunity to communities, artists, families, shoppers and other visitors to come together and experience new urban texture that, in a memorable and unique way, encounters the both rich heritage and modern context in the center of Fremantle, in King Square. We tried to take this opportunity to transform the King Square to an active urban space where people could enjoy their time, being there.