Prudent Idea Store, Collingwood, Australia

The “Prudent Idea Store” in Collingwood, a suburb close to Melbourne, Australia, tries to amplify its operation system and reduce carbon emission. The ambition in this project is to diminish the environmental stress in society and be a pattern for future design and developments.

After politicians started actions on climate change in Australia and since the proposal of a carbon tax in February 2011, there have been rallies against and for the new tax in Melbourne. For two weeks there was a conflict in Melbourne and other major cities in Australia. For protesters the problem was an increase in life expenses as a result of introducing the Carbon Tax that would be hitting the energy bills of citizens. Meanwhile, supporters believe that the tax is essential for a better environmentally-friendly future that will produce better quality of life for the next generation.

Consequently, the “Prudent Idea Store “as a community hub in the area precisely observes the conflict and addresses the reason for the quarrel by becoming a prototype for buildings in the Collingwood neighborhood, using natural resources for its functioning.

By applying idea store’s design concept to neighbouring and specifically to residential buildings, this premises makes itself a prototype that can lead to a significant evolution in metropolitan scale  in regards using pure and clean energies. Expansion of idea store is the second phase of design. Neighboring blocks in Collingwood suburb follow the principle behind design of idea store. As per design process the conflict reason transformed to a free form growing in the region.

Physical model experiments the operation of roof openings with semi transparent material. It helps building to be more functional in providing pleasant light and natural ventilation for interior spaces. The operation of the openings is in accordance to transition of dense modules in the first layer of skin. The function compliments in full opening at the time when the dense modules position in either +30 or -30 degrees. This system sits on a justified waffle structure. The amended surfaces of beams help to reflect natural light with amplified angle to interior space.