Public Art Space, Queens, NY

Vertical Connection on a Bridge

Project’s goal is to create an urban space, in which people are willing to move along, communicate and be involved in all activities throughout the year.

The overall projection of this proposal looks at all abandoned railway stations in the state of New York. By using (and or modifying) empty spaces between urban blocks, it proposes a special type of vertical connection that addressed cultural joint points of different civilizations, provides economy to communities and introduces a sustainable approach to new development. The final result is a bicycle loop and a pedestrian path that creates a closed network over the rail road for all New Yorkers to use and share times. Each station can be unique to its cultural inherent and local people with specific and multiple communities with ongoing economy.

In this new communal space, People will feel comfortable. This will lead them to use this hub on daily activities.

To create an economical future for the community, it is necessary to introduce programs that tie to people’s history and culture. Furthermore, to amplify this new type of social and physical network, communication and interaction, involvement and will of people will be an inevitable part of the project. Consequently, it will open more and strong infrastructure and gates for the next 50-100 years of queens that will help queen’s heart to stay alive and beat forever in an active network. The communal space, the bridge that will be led by people, for people; will sustain just because of the people.

In a multicultural space such as queens, provocative programs are essential to make people union. These elements can be introduced to public art and food programs as people’s major interests.

Public Arts and Gallery spaces are probably the most enthusiastic places that can be introduced to communities as their own private, semi-private and public spaces. In such place, food is one the most common and at the same time vibrant elements in each community. People always like to experience new foods and styles from around the world. Queens with Over 100 different nationalities is the best place to propose a new type of community kitchen, in which people can prepare new recipes and cook by locally planted materials. In these new typologies, people can share their ideas and different methods of cooking to each other, in which could let the community to express new ways of public art and unity.