One of the main advantages of this proposal is its maximum flexibility in accessing the installation. As is shown in diagrams, the lifted sections of Spume create valuable opportunity of being visible maximizing the freedom in coming to the space from various directions.

The public are having maximum connection with each other whether the artists performing art or the guests in space or the public entering or exiting the Spume. The inside-out and outside-in relations will remain at its maximum capability as the project has the minimum touch to ground increasing encounter and accessibility of visitors.

Furthermore, zoning in this project is defined by people’s use of space. Both the residents of Ragdale and visitors will have the opportunity of grouping in different sizes for various communal and individual activities.

Spume characteristic 01: The geometry is not a visual barrier at connection point to the ground where it is defining the main stage area.

Spume characteristic 02: The geometry is elevating the boundary providing maximum vision line.

Stage characteristic 01: Built from salvaged wood, the stage hosts artist on an elevated platform (18” H) that creates the focal point in venues.

Stage characteristic 02: Designed to have portable built-in semi-stools, the stage transforms to multi-functional objects at leisure time.