Fulcrum: A Million Answered Prayer

This project has been designed in response to an international architectural competition called by Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in London, UK. The competition brief has asked to design an icon in national scale for London where 1,000,000 bricks purchased by answered prayers could be used to build “The Wall” project.

TaShALab’s proposal has been selected for the first stage among other 24 projects.

The walls of this project orient in a discipline which helps to firstly, indicate the significance of its concept by varying heights and lengths that reflects complexity and variety of human beings and their expectations in their lives. Simultaneously, the low height and extreme length of walls at all entrances of it express the early ages’ goals that are numerous and growing, while at the core walls are extremely high with a controlled length that reflects more precise and specific goals and prays of people at middle age or older. Secondly, the walls are oriented in a modern-abstract translation of a “Cross Shape” landscape. The project is using its discipline to define divisions and categories of answered prayers. Similar to the life of human being that has a chronological order, the answered prayers are organized on 4 zones including under 20 years old people, between 20 and 40, between 40 and 60, and older than 60 years old prayers. Towards the core, the heights of walls increase to relate the elegance and depth of space above the quiet contemplation room. Dance of natural lights bouncing between walls and the transforming shapes of shadows on different times of days and yearly seasons; provide unique experience that not only surprises the visitors, but also attracts attentions of all people who are passing by in driving cars or in neighboring landscapes. With descending wall heights moving from its core, this project becomes the new national landmark where its visitors wonder how the One Million Bricks have formed a free public icon that exhibits metaphysical human stories in a simple and unique morphological architectural definition.